Serial hijacker forces plane to divert


Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "Guardian"

Philip Willan in Rome
Thursday November 28, 2002
The Guardian

A former Italian policeman who yesterday used a television remote control to hijack an Alitalia passenger jet was last night revealed to be a serial hijacker.
Police said Stefano Savorani, 29, had a history of psychological problems and had been responsible for hijacking an Air France jet and attempting to hijack a train during the last four years.
Yesterday Mr Savorani brandished the remote control and threatened to detonate an explosive device, forcing his Bologna to Paris flight to divert to Lyon in southern France. Passengers said the hijacker went into action as the Alitalia flight, a McDonnell Douglas MD-80 carrying 57 passengers and seven crew, was flying over Switzerland.
They said he made confused references to al-Qaida and the pilot decided to land at the nearest airport as a precautionary measure. He reportedly gave himself up to French police without a struggle after letting the passengers and crew leave the aircraft. An initial demand that he be allowed to hold a press conference was rejected by the French authorities.
"Oh God, he's gone and done it again," his mother Orella, exclaimed when contacted by a reporter from the Italian ANSA news agency. "I have been worried for hours because he didn't come back for lunch. He asked me for 500 euros this morning, saying he was going to Bologna to pay his university fees," Mrs Savorani said. "My son is schizophrenic, but he was receiving treatment and seemed to be normal."
Mr Savorani, from Borgo Tossignano near Imola, reportedly served as a policeman for five years before being put on sick leave in 1997 because of his psychological problems.
Later the same year, he used a toy pistol in an attempt to hijack a high speed train travelling from Rome to Milan and force the driver to take him to Paris. He managed to reach that destination in March 1999, when he hijacked an Air France Airbus with 76 passengers on board by claiming to have explosives with him. On that occasion, the flight, which originated in Marseille, was diverted from Paris Orly airport to Paris Charles De Gaulle. Mr Savorani said he wanted to publicise a new religion called Vitalunism, which preaches the unification of Europe. He was deemed unfit to stand trial and released into the community.
An Italian interior ministry spokesman said the imposition of a travel ban on an individual such as Mr Savorani was the responsibility of the Italian judiciary and he was unaware of any such measure being taken. "People are able to travel freely in the Schengen area of the European Union and are not therefore subject to border controls in the airport," the official said.

To brandish - to wave something, machać czymś
A Remote control - pilot (np. do telewizora)
A Jet - samolot odrzutowy
A Hijacker - porywacz (uwaga: kidnapper - porywacz ludzi )
To threaten - grozić
A Device - urządzenie, tu: bomba
To Divert - turn into the opposite direction, zawrócić
A measure - środek
precautionary - zapobiegawczy
to struggle - to fight, walczyć, zmagać się
to reject - not agree, nie zgodzić się, odmówić
unfit - not fit, not well, niezdolny do czegoś
a spokesman - a representative of an insitution that speaks with media, rzecznik (prasowy)
to exclaim - say in an excited way, wykrzyknąć
to put on sick leave - zwolnić z powodu choroby
to originate - to begin at, rozpocząć się w
to deem - to consider, to judge, ocenić, osądzić
to stand trial - to be put on trial in a court, mieć proces sądowy
an imposition - wprowadzenie w życie prawa


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