Kids still exposed to bad food ads


Children are still watching TV ads for food high in fat, salt and sugar despite measures designed to prevent them doing so, says consumer watchdog Which?



Hundreds of thousands of children are watching TV adverts for food high in fat, salt and sugar despite measures designed to prevent them doing so, the consumer watchdog Which? says today.

In a spot check on children's viewing, it found that just four of the 20 programmes with the largest under-16 audiences were covered by rules from broadcasting regulator Ofcom. This was because the rules are based on the proportion of child viewers for each programme, not actual numbers, meaning that series such as The Simpsons and SpongeBob SquarePants are covered but shows like Beat the Star and Emmerdale are not, despite being watched by far more children, according to Which?

The Ofcom rules, which are under review, apply to the main TV channels, with commercial children's channels having to comply by January 1 next year. Programmes of particular appeal to children are defined as those watched by 20% more children than the proportion of four- to 16-year-olds that make up the general viewing public. This means, says Which?, that even if many children watch a show, restrictions on advertising foods high in fat,salt and sugar do not apply.

actual – rzeczywisty, faktyczny

appeal to – podobać się, przemawiać do

apply – stosować się, dotyczyć

audience – widownia, publiczność

comply – stosować się (do czegoś)

prevent – zapobiegać, nie dopuszczać do

proportion – odsetek, część

restrictions – restrykcje

watchdog – organ nadzorczy

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