Chemical Wedding

Peter Bradshaw
Friday May 30, 2008
The Guardian

Behold ... the unspeakable, unthinkable horror. A vision of grotesque degradation. A spectacle of pure evil. A revelation of sheer obscenity. If you have young children or impressionable maiden aunts in the vicinity, then usher them away from this newspaper right now with your hand cupped protectively over their eyes. For this is a British film about the notorious satanist Aleister Crowley, co-written by Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson, in which the lead role is taken by Simon Callow, who overacts and repeatedly gets his moobies out. Oh, great heavens above.


Of course, there is a vibrant tradition in this country of veteran rockers evincing an unwholesome preoccupation with Crowley. Dickinson is probably, however, the first to inflict his enthusiasm on the public quite so sadistically. Callow plays a blameless Cambridge academic who, through a bizarre series of postmodern plot twists and soft-porn disrobings, is invaded by the spirit of the terrible devil-worshipper, Crowley. In his initial innocent mode, Callow's don has an odd stammer, and in fact appears to be possessed by the spirit of Derek Jacobi playing Claudius. But then he transforms into Crowley, and winds up sporting an extraordinary purple suit, which all too frequently he removes, revealing a robust physique, and in this mode looks like a cross between Buster Bloodvessel and Clement Freud's dog Henry in the Minced Morsels adverts. Truly, the forces of darkness are upon us.


evince- przejawiać

impressionable- wrażliwy

moobies- piersi

physique- budowa ciała

robust- krzepki, mocny

unwholesome- szkodliwy, niezdrowy

usher someone away- wyprowadzać (kogoś skądś)

vibrant- entuzjastyczny, żywy

vicinity- najbliższa okolica

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